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To overcome these problems, a collection of ideas on the part of Brussels

1. Living in the city of Brussels when they complain of “too much traffic” or “not enough parking” is to learn all you can deal with induced demand or the law of congestion and practice by repeating the truth that “I’m not stuck in traffic, I am the traffic.”

2. Participate in civic life. Linger and enjoy each day of good parks, good places and good streets, not just during special events. Your presence and commitment add life, vitality and safety in one place and help them to be more enjoyable for all.

3. Open your eyes to see if your city is really accessible to all – people with disabilities, people of all ages and all parents who have a stroller. Find ways to travel one kilometer in their shoes or their chairs and listen to them. Then, amplify their voices in calling for improvements.

4. Support your local public library and the city center. These are not just books, they are real civic places where public life and community building taking place, in addition to supporting your local public markets (Christmas market). If you do not have public procurement’re lobbying for them and help them to create one.

5. Get a membership to carpool instead of a car. If your city has not carpool, made lobbying to get as much as possible.

6. Plant a tree in your front yard, and fight for street trees on your street, in your neighborhood and around your city. There are literally dozens of ways to improve life in cities.

7. Voting in municipal and parliamentary elections. Too many of us do not vote at government level that most affects our daily lives.

8. Choose different ways to get around your town. Walk, bike, skateboard, scooter, take public transit, as many times as possible each week. Focus mainly on these trips short – for example, buy a supermarket trolley and go to the grocery store on foot if possible. Put pressure on your leaders to make improvements to support more choices, such as better infrastructure and slower speed limits.

If you have never biked for transportation (as opposed to recreational) – and especially if you object to the safe bike paths – spend a week to bike to get to work and other places where you would be doing you normally drive. One of these days, take your children with you. Think about what you felt every step of the journey.

Walk, cycle or use public transport to take children to school and teach them to do it by themselves as soon as they are able. It’s safer, healthier and better in terms of development for them, and for everyone, than driving them.

9. Many local and global problems are caused by plastic bags for single use, including environmental damage, climate change and the pollution caused by their manufacture; the danger to fish, birds and mammals. The use of reusable bags could instead save the lives of over a million seabirds and marine animals every year.

If we begin to choose reusable bags, we can manufacture less plastic bags, which will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. This may be a small contribution, but we must do everything in our power to avoid catastrophic climate change; every little helps.

10. Talk to the Town Hall for something good for your community and your city, rather than just oppose things. And before you object to something (such as improving the environment, long-term public works, traffic jams, etc. Think carefully about which it is intended to help and put yourself in their place.

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